Amancay is Executive Director of Yes Ma'am Circus and was one of the founding members. She graduated from Haverford College with a B.A. in Dance and Psychology and trained at Philadelphia's Headlong Performance Institute and Chicago's Aloft Circus Arts.

Amancay choreographs and performs belly dance, aerial hoop, sling, and partner acrobatics. She also teaches circus for kids and adults at several Chicago circus schools. In our premiere Paradise Lost show, she performed as the Archangel Uriel. She directed 12th Night.

Executive Director

Amancay Kugler

Maggie performed in our premiere Paradise Lost show as Azazel and was Sebastian and Feste 12th Night.

Artistic Director

Maggie Karlin

Myriam is a founding member of Yes Ma’am Circus and their graphic designer. She is a graduate of the Actors Gymnasium Professional Circus Training Program and performs physical theater and circus in Chicago. Myriam is skilled in tumbling, trapeze, clowning, partner acrobatics, juggling, and more and uses those skills to bring stories and characters to life on stage. She debuted the role of the Archangel Michael in our premier Paradise Lost show.

When not performing Myriam can be found working as a designer, illustrator, and concept artist, gaming, traveling, and figuring out how to make things.

Founding Member and Graphic Designer

Myriam Bloom

Athena is one of the founding members of Yes Ma'am Circus. She is a graduate of the Actors Gymnasium Professional Circus Training Program, where she majored in hula hoops and minored in lyra. Her other circus skills include partner acrobatics, stilt walking, and clowning. When she's not doing circus, Athena hangs out with dogs and plays video games. Athena performed in our premiere Paradise Lost show as Lucifer and was Antonio in 12th Night.

Founding Member and Writer

Athena Giles

Foxy Grandpa is a Chicago based clown, actor, dancer and performance artist. Co-founder and producer of Pieus Productions, Foxy hosts and produces Theater Wit’s monthly circus variety show AfterParty at The Wit with partner Jessica Smoot and creates upscale circus events for corporate parties and events with Pieus Events. A millennial P.T. Barnum, Foxy combines her passion for circus with her years of business experience to bring the joy of circus to people of all ages and backgrounds.  Foxy is beyond thrilled to be working with Yes Ma’am circus, one of the Midwest’s most exciting and innovative circus companies. She played the role of Maria in 12th Night.

Cast Member

Foxy Grandpa

Kathleen is a circus and theatre artist based in Chicago, and a graduate of Iowa State University's performing arts program as well as the Actors Gymnasium's Professional Circus Training Program. Their variety work infuses storytelling, clown, dance, circus, and burlesque; and they have worked with The Lincoln Center, The House Theatre, Misfit Cabaret, The Drifter Chicago, Soho House, and The Actors Gymnasium, among others. They are also a company member with Imaginez Ensemblez, a circus theatre company that specializes in spectacle entertainment and physical theatre. Kathleen made their Yes Ma'am debut as Viola in 12th Night.

Cast Member

Kathleen Hoil

Matthew was one of the founding members of Yes Ma'am Circus and served as the Narrator for Paradise Lost. He performs partner acrobatics and juggling. In 12th Night, he playied the role of Duke Orsino.

Founding Member

Matthew Kugler

Scott Montgomery Priz, English Explorer Extraordinaire, Esquire, has been learning and performing on trapeze for nearly a decade, and is excited to be performing for the first time with Yes Ma'am Circus.  He performs, when the notion strikes him, as the Amazing Prizzini, of the Amazing Prizzini Brothers. He played the role of Malvolio in 12th Night.

In his spare time, he is an attorney at law.  As always, he dedicates his work to his wife Lisa, his dog Atticus, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Cast Member

Scott Montgomery Priz

Kristi got her start in circus at Illinois State University’s Gamma Phi Circus and then went on to graduate NECCA and Aloft’s professional training programs. She is highly specialized in lyra, although she dabbles in handstands, trapeze and other disciplines as well. She enjoys duo and group work. She teaches the circus arts and enjoys assisting with act creation and choreography. She loves narrative and story telling on stage so she is thrilled to join Yes Ma’am Circus!


When she’s not doing circus, she enjoys hanging out with her dog and cat, travel, photography, and asking people what Hogwarts house they are in. Kristi played the role of the Countess Olivia in 12th Night.

Cast Member

Kristi Taff

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